What were the odds

This morning something strange happened. I’m still in the process of what the damn happened here.

I went out last night for leaving drinks and I had a few glasses of wine. Not only that there was this weird request from the bar I’ve been too, no this morning went completely wrong.

About the bar last night: Lovely place but at around 9 pm we were in the beer garden because of the gorgeous weather in London, one of the staff members approached and asked us to sit down because we weren’t allowed to stand in the garden after 9 pm in the evening. Never heard such strange request before and definitely had some question-marks on my face but why argue – Instead I sat down and ordered another wine… 

This morning: After 4 glasses of white wine and the odd encounter with a McDonald meal last night, I woke up with a hungover and wasn’t anyway ready to face this day. When I finally found my way to the bus stop it happened. At the bus stop, which is a very busy bus stop. Two buses stopped (nothing uncommon I know) I looked up from my phone and saw that none of the buses is mine and looked back down. A minute later I looked up again the two buses were just about to drive away and there it was my bus, right there in front of the red signal and also in front of these two buses! HOW? How can it happen that a minute ago I couldn’t even see it and now it’s in front of these two other buses. In my still dazed head I tried to figure out how it could actually happened. I still can’t. I mean, I was there at the stop waiting for this bloody bus to get me into work and then this bus somehow appeared kind out of nowhere in front of these two other buses. After a long time of consideration how I could in any possible way miss this bus I came the conclusion this stupid bus didn’t stop and just drove past the bus stop.

I still can’t believe this happened to me but it did!

Conclusion of this morning:

Don’t trust London bus drivers to ever stop or stop drinking on a school night!

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