How to prepare and plan your backpacking trip

I realized a lot of people struggeling to prepare or even plan a trip. It’s actually really simple.

Most people plan 1-2 week holiday trips all the time and are fine with it. The difference between a 2 week trip and for example a 3 month trip is that you are longer away, you can see more countries and you most likely need more money and you might have to apply for visa’s in certain countries.

If you are like me you dream about a trip for a while or even for years before you are actually doing it…

I think the most concern why people are not travelling for longer is because they don’t know how to fund a trip and how much money they actually need. Of course it always depends for how long you want to go away and where you want to go. You obviously need less money in 3rd world countries than in others but if you do a little bit of research you find out what the cost of an average day will be.

To fund your trip you have a few options:

  • Saving up money is probably the most common one – working at home and minimize your expenses to save up as much as you can till you can afford a trip
  • Work & travel is another option – finding jobs in bars/restaurants or maybe you are into diving and you can work in different diving schools as a dive master or instructor (don’t forget you still need starting money for flight/travel insurance etc)
  • Or you become a digital nomad and take your work with you while you travel.

The second concern especially for women is the question how safe is the country I will travel at.

Every time I plan a trip I do a google search and check how secure the country is. You will find these information very easily. Most important thing is to always always use your common sense and try avoid dodgy situations. Don’t do things you wouldn’t do at home either, e.g. walking in very dark alley ways.

What I suggest to be prepared for your trip – do a lot of research. Read a lot of blogs of travelers who have been in the country before, get tips and ideas from them. Do as much as you can to feel comfortable to travel this country. Make plans what you want to see plan a route. You will meet people along the way too and if you are up for it and you don’t have to stick to your plan you might change them and travel along with your newly met friends – who knows?!

Okay, so you decided where to go,  you know how to fund your trip and you have some money saved up to pay for your first flights – now it’s time to actually get going.

Plan at least 6 month in advance, that give you enough time to get a few things sorted, e.g. book flights, vaccinations, travel insurance, prepare family & friends, give up job/car/apartment etc.

My suggested timeline to give you an idea:

6 month in advance:

  • check flights and flight to your first destination – if you have limited time book a return ticket (of course there might be last minute offers but you are better off to book in advance with good prices)
  • check visa regulations of each country you’d like to visit
  • prepare family and friends
  • check you passport if it is valid long enough

4-3 month in advance:

  • check/book travel insurance
  • check with a travel clinic & online what vaccination you need, start vaccination process, some vaccination need 2-3 jabs
  • plan your route roughly – book more flights if needed (don’t book too many – you might have to change them – book a few along the way) Some country request a proof that you will leave the country keep that in mind and check before you book
  • get a new passport if needed
  • get a backpack/suitcase if you haven’t got one

2-1 month in advance

  • tell work, resign early enough
  • sell your car as soon as possible
  • hand in notice for your apartment/room if necessary
  • start applying for Visa if necessary (some countries have eVisas)
  • start booking accommodation for your first stop and for the first couple of nights (I recommend that especially during high season – low budget places are often booked out very quick). I always feel better and it’s less stress when you arrive somewhere for the first time. Rest of your accommodation you can book along the way

Use for hotel/hostel bookings, using this link you and I will get £10 voucher for our next booking 🙂£10-cash

1 week before

  • start to get excited
  • check all travel documents
  • check insurance
  • have some leaving drinks/party with your friends

2-1 day in advance

  • start packing – I know it is early but that way you will know if you need something last minute

day of the travel

  • get more excited
  • don’t cry
  • be on time at the airport
  • board plane &

have the best time of your life 🙂

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