My day in an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai

My first day in Chiang Mai I decided to go to an elephant sanctuary as most people do and as I had it on my wish list for such a long time. I was very excited to go and was very looking forward to it. But as soon as we arrived and I’ve seen the elephants I started to feel unsettled about it. The elephants were free to roam around but it was just a small area and I’m not sure if it was/is enough space for them to enjoy their time. Our “guide” told us the elephants just going to be there during the day and get back in the jungle during night and that they come back in the day because they know they get food. Why do I feel so uncomfortable with it? I really don’t know, I was thinking a long time about it and could not come to a conclusion. I had the whole day the feeling I’m more in a zoo than actually do something good and that just breaks my heart. I should have asked more questions while I was there but I just couldn’t come up or think about any. It started when I got back. As much as I loved it to get close to this amazing animals and being able to feed them as much am I concerned that I did something I never wanted to support, that people making money of these poor elephants. We got promised this is not the case but I’m not so sure! 

I made a decision, next time I’m going to a more reputable sanctuary to compare how the elephants get hold not treated because I could tell they were good fed and haven’t had any wounds. I will tell you about my next experience…

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